Jose' y Elena

Jose' y Elena

From Italy


He was born in Trani (BA) in 1986. Start moving from an early age his first steps in the dance halls with his parents, where he discovers the Latin American dances and group dances. In subsequent years, takes a few steps of hip hop and subsequently, in 2003, approaches to the study of Caribbean dance fully immersed himself in the Cuban culture (merengue, rumba and Cuban salsa) and the Los Angeles Style.In October 2006, he knows the SON COLOMBIANOS group of international renown, with whom he began a collaboration work that will take him to many conferences in Germany, Spain, Portugal, Switzerland and many other countries of Italy and Europe. In June of 2008 met Marco B. choreographer and dancer of FLAMBOYAN DANCERS. Even with them begins an adventure that will get them numerous dates in Spain, Italy, Germany, Greece, Portugal, Switzerland. Thus expands more and more knowledge and passion of salsa on1, on 2, cha cha, kizomba, bachata and everything that falls in the Caribbean.In January 2011, creates the new group JEL NEW LATIN DANCE COMPANY with Luca Manna and Edward Simoni, a group of men only. With their style Latin Jazz choreography achieves great success in Italy. In October 2011 creates a new show "Just Promise" with the dancer Elena Avella with whom he embarked on a path of show duo acro dance and Latin American who gives them the title of champions only in 2012 ITALIAN, FRENCH AND SPANISH.


She was born in 1988. He began his dance studies at the age of 16 in a ritch academic at the MAS in Milan where he learned various disciplines such as Ballet, Jazz, Contemporary, Hip Hop.At age 19 he directs his path mainly to classical and contemporary dance, at age 21 he continued his studies in Rome by Mauro Astolfi.A 22-year changes radically disciplines, devoting himself to the Latin American and working for a year with the Son Colombianos.At age 23, danced in couples with Jose Ferrante, with whom in 2012 he won several races choreographic bachata in Spain, France, Norway and Italy.