Peter & Lili

Peter & Lili

From Hungary

Peter and Lili, certified and official bachata sensual dance instructors of the style creators, Korke and Judith.

They have been dancing together since 2015 and been the first and only instructors in Hungary ever allowed to teach and adapt the style of Korke and Judith.

This kind of bachata is based on a lot of body movements, and contains isolation, body rolls, waves and a lot of steps and combinations to colorize this social dance.

This is not the easiest but definitely the most popular bachata dance style all over the world.

Their classes perfectly preserve and respect the franchise its creators brought to life but they also explain many additional foundations and techniques based on classical and jazz ballet to both leader and follower. Their approach makes this social dance easier because dance is ever-evolving.

With this concept in mind, they are not only teaching the basic elements of bachata sensual style, but allow their students to gain a heightened body awareness too.