The final will have sixteen couples and will compete in the evening of Friday, March 1st 2019 in a one vs one competition. The rounds will be chosen by draw and the shows have to be improvised. The two performing couples will perform simultaneously, dancing on the same music and the judges will declare the winner that will be through the round, directly at the end of the performance.

The winning couple of each round, will compete the next rounds following the same rules mentioned above, till the final round.

The two final couples will compete by performing two shows:

- The improvised show

- The own show

The Judges will judge the couples’ performances and they will declare the winner only at the end of all the performances.


The competition fee is:

60€ per couple. By applying to the competition, couples are allowed to take part in the dancing night of March, 1st.

People with Full Passes or Vip Passes do not have to pay the competition fee.


The couple: must be composed of man and women


Each couple must perform on music that will be decided at the moment; potential songs will not be communicated and they can be Sensual, traditional/dominican, modern or remix.  The two finalist couples will perform on random music and they will also perform their own show.

The jury will be composed at least of 5 members chosen by the organizer

Performances will be judged both from emotional and technical point of view according to the judges’ taste.

All decisions from the judges are final

The winning couple will have the opportunity to represent Italy at the Bachatea World Congress 2020. The winning couple of the International Bachata Competition will also receive a prize of €500,00.

The management reserves the right to cancel the competition if the minimum number of participants won’t be reached. The Management reserves the right to modify this Regulation in any of its at any time, if necessary.


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