If you want to participate in the competition, fill out the form and pay online the registration of € 60 per couple.



Contest registration fee 60 €/dance couple.


Dance Couple is composed of a “Lady” and a “Gent”.

Contestants are accepted on a “first-come-first-served” rule: only the first 16 registered couples will be admitted to the contest.


1 – Participants can present themselves in a bachata choreography on selected music. The duration of each routine should not exceed 4 minutes. All bachata dance styles are allowed.

2 – The selected song must contain at least 80% of bachata music.

3 - The judging panel is composed from 5 to 9 judges selected by Bachataday's organization.

4 – The performance is evaluated according to the following criteria:

• Timing

• Choreography

• Stage impression

• Sensuality and synchronization of the dancers

5 – The decisions of the judges are final.

6 – In the event of a tie, 5 spectators will be chosen at random and they will judge the dance performances. If their verdict will end in a tie again, other 5 spectators will be chosen until the panel will proclaim a winner.

7 – European Bachata Competition:

The final’s winner will compete as Italian Dancing Couple at Bachatea World Congress 2020.

8 – International Bachata Competition:

Best Dance Couple wins € 500

Bachataday reserves the right to cancel any competition if inadequate entries are received to run the event and to modify the Official Contest Rules and Regulations, without notice.


All entries must be submitted through Online Registration on the website

Fill in the application form at the section “Contest” and buy your “Participants Pass” at the section “Tickets”.

If you have already bought a “Full Pass” or a “Vip Full Pass”, please, register only your participation at the contest, no additional tickets are required.

Your admission will be confirmed by email.

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