Competition Rules

This system is valid for amateur and professional categories.

* All competitors will be subdivided into three pools by draw, which will take place in front of all participants.

* Competitors who come from the same school/company will be split into the three pools by draw in their presence. In each pool, the dancers will be competing in direct elimination to advance to the finals. The number of finalists will depend on the number of participants in each pool.

* Normal redraft: if a team does not have challenger in the first stage due to the number of participants, then the judges will find one from the eliminated teams in the same pool.

* Obligatory Re-draw: If normal re-draw is not required, then the judges will choose a couple of competitors eliminated in the previous stage to compete against each other to find a place in the finals.

* The champion and the first runner-up will have guaranteed access to the finals at next year competition.

We have 2 categories:

1) With Heels

2) Without Heels

The official bachatanamà playlist is:

Each competitor will dance 40 seconds of the same song for a total of 2 times and on 2 different songs.

You can register directly by purchasing the bachatanama pass and paying the relative fee of 25 euros.

For any other informations, please send a mail to